LCM-SR Data & Code

support material for the latent curve model with structured residuals (LCM-SR)

Welcome. This page contains simulated data and sample Mplus code to estimate the models presented in Curran, Howard, Bainter, Lane and McGinley (2013). The full citation is

Curran, P.J., Howard, A.L., Bainter, S.A., Lane, S.T. & McGinley, J.S. (2013). The separation of between-person and within-person components of individual change over time: A latent curve model with structured residuals. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 82, 879-894.

and the manuscript can be accessed here:

[Curran, Howard, Bainter, Lane & McGinley (2013).pdf]

To try to help organize the files, I’ve placed them all in a single ZIP file that can be accessed here

This file contains a single data file cleverly called “currandemo.dat” as well as the input and output scripts for seven individual LCM-SR models written in Mplus. I only have included sample code and results for final models presented in the text; there are a number of intermediate models we used to conduct likelihood ratio tests in order to build our final models, but we do not detail these here.

The code contains documentation to describe each step and to highlight precisely where in the manuscript the results are presented. Although the examples are currently only available in Mplus, all of the LCM-SR demonstration models can be equivalently estimated using any standard SEM software package.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you find any problems with the code or output.

Thanks much.